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True Blood – Season One

This page will follow Season 1 of the show True Blood, It is still my favorite season.
I am excited to start this long journey, and I am also looking forward to continuing for the next twenty two seasons of True Blood, even though there are only two more books. :)

Sit back and enjoy.

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Episode 1 – It Begins
This episode is titled Strange Love

He looks so Broody.

What’s Happening?

Bill comes into the bar after you discover that Sookie can hear everyone’s thoughts, and that people think she is crazy. She waits on him, and then witnessess the Rattrays planning to drain him. She saves him by hitting Mack with a chain and picking up his knife. Tara loses her job, and Jason is into sleeping with Maudette at the moment. Sam does not hide his affection for Sookie, or his distaste of her meeting the vampire.


Bill, I was thinking Your Name Would be Langford!



Concerned or Disgusted!



The differences were slight. Hoyt was the one on the show buying weed and in the book it was Rene. Rene is Arlene’s 2nd Husband and current boyfriend in the book, but just a new love interest in the show.

Funny Quotes

Anything that Tara says. You just needed an excuse to wear them ugly ass clothes.
Lafeyette hitting on the big man at the bar (not a quote, but worth mentioning)
Bill saying that Sam supporting vampires is progressive of him.

Deep Thoughts

I am trying to figure out why Bill laid down for the Rats, not sure how he allowed himself to get into that situation. It could have been a long drawn out plan, because he knew they would beat him, but I doubt it.

Sam and Tara both know she can hear them, but they do not say much about it, until she says something then Tara says stay out of my head.

They are super noisy, aren’t they??

Also I wonder if he keeps asking what are you, because the queen wants to know. He has not had time to fall in love with her yet, so that makes sense to me. That and that he is curious.
The funny thing is that the first episode does not even complete the chapter. It ends while Sookie is getting beaten.

Episode 2: The First Taste

What’s Happening?

The dog shows up  to help and almost gets shot, but Sookie grabs Macks leg and then Bill takes over.

The show opens with him taking her into the woods to revive her. He gives her his blood to heal her, and walks her back to her car. He asks if he can call on her, and she says she is off work tomorrow.


Sookie and Bill finally have a first real kiss that is not a dream, and that makes their date a date!

Then his fangs come out, and she has to go home.

She dreams of him later on and wakes up with the cat staring at her.

She accidentally hears Arlene thinking she is pregnant.

The heart to heart with Sam is touching. He cares about her.

When Sookie goes to Bills it is not clear where he is as she is met by three other vampires. The bald vampire is the one who was with Maudette in the video.

Cliff hanger at the end of this episode with the bald guy rolling his eyes away. Gross!

Deep Thoughts

What is sad is we learn that this pain Sookie is feeling was his fault all along. (In the book Bill is talking to someone) Sam , because the dog was present. Since Sam knows in the show that she cannot hear his thoughts it is possible he has talked to Bill. It never says how he knows that.

Arlene thinks she is pregnant which makes me believe that maybe she is with the baby that she now has on the show, Rene’s. The time scale is not right though, so it must be foreshadowing.

Bill licking her head is as strange as it sounds.

I like that there is a tabloid that says Angelina adopts Vampire baby.

Jason ridiculously points to himself in the mirror while he is screwing Dawn.

After Bill walks Sookie back to her car and disappears she says, “That was creepy.” Funny!


Jason and Tara invite themselves to the “date” with Bill. Tara is the one who asks about slaves and is not really nice about it. In the book it is Sookie’s grandmother.

Funny Quotes

Jason says that their kind does not deserve rights and that there is a reason things are the way they are. Bill says it’s called injustice

Jason replies, “It’s called this is how we do it!” he is brilliant. Lol.

Episode 3 – Mine

What’s happening?


Bill lays claim to Sookie so the others will leave her alone. Gran tells Sookie that her Granddaddy Earl used to know things. Bill goes to their nest and tells them to stop their actions when he sees they drained Janella. Jason goes to Lafayette and  he asks for Viagra Lafayette tells him it is legal, and what he has is $600 for a quarter of an ounce. That is some serious shit.

Sookie is asked to check on Dawn and finds her dead on the bed, the door is just unlocked.

Cliff hanger again!

Funny Quotes

When the Senator says his name is Duke, Lafayette says, “You are so not a Duke.”

Tara: “You know the man barks in his sleep?”
Lafayette: “Damn, white folks is all f*ed up.

Sam wishing for a Buffy or a Blade is hilarious. (to take care of Bill Compton, he is speaking to the dog at this point.)

Jason standing in Lafayette’s doorway says, “you are wearing gold pants.”

Deep Thoughts

Why the hell does it take him so long to claim her? he lets her get scared to death and hear about the baby’s blood.I think he wanted her to see the danger she could be in if he was not around.

Why is Jason flossing while Dawn goes to get the gun?

When he goes to talk to the three vampires and tells them there will be consequences if they continue, is he speaking from a place where he is directly involved with the authority? You do not learn until later.

Sam was quick to jump Tara’s bones after she tells him to.

I love that Gran says, did he do something untoward?
I also love that Sookie is trying to find the words for her sex drive and Gran guesses heart.

Lafayette -  I love that he says he has an arrangement with a life challenged individual. (When describing where he gets the V from)

Lafayette says, “Oh lover, you gonna make me clutch my pearls!” HA

Episode 4 –Escape from Dragon House

What’s Happening?

Jason stupidly drinks an entire vial of blood and gets a severe erection that he cannot get rid of. This ends with him having to go to the doctor and the whole scene is disturbing and hilarious.

The first time you see Eric he kicks a man that touches his leg across the bar, and his head splits open.


After he summons Sookie to the stage Eric says, “I understand you have been asking questions of my customers.” He tells her to ask him. He says Maudette was pathetic for his attentions, and Dawn he had tasted.

When she wants to leave he says I am not finished with you yet, and has her sit. He asks in a roundabout way if he can have her, and when he is told she is Bill’s he says, “What a shame for me,” and licks his lips.

He says something to Pam in Swedish.

What he says is “Vår lilla djurpark börjar växa till sig.” which means “Our little zoo is starting to grow.” Pam replies “Jag vet.” which means “I know.”
Another translation says he said menagerie instead of zoo.

After she tells him about the sting as they are running away he says

“I enjoyed meeting you Miss Stackhouse, you will come again.” His voice is deep and weird.

Deep Thoughts

Sam is looking at a picture of him and Dawn hugged up together in the bar, and he is wearing a silly Hawaiian shirt. I think it indicates that he had slept with her in the past. The other thing is I think the producers wanted you to think it was him, and that worked if you read a lot of the first season forums. Everyone thought Sam was a werewolf, and that he killed the girls and Gran.


I love that Pam is moving at a very fast speed and has that bored look on her face.

Sam enters Dawn’s home with gloves on and starts sniffing her bed. This is the weirdest thing he rolls around in her bed. I am guessing he is trying to smell who killed her, but it looks like he wants to smell her.

Sam Picking Up a Scent?

Funny Quotes

At the beginning there is a crowd that gathers and Maxine shows up. When Rene says something inappropriate Arlene slaps him and he says sorry.

No use apologizing she says, we are all excited.
They are talking about how hot it is and she says, “I feel like a cat on a hot tin roof.” Then from the looks she gets she says, “that’s from a play.” Funny lady.

Episode 5 – Sparks Fly Out

What’s Happening

In the beginning of the episode Sookie is still mad that Bill glamoured the cop. The dog is watching this whole scene play out. am finally asks Sookie out, and everyone stares at them. She says Why Not. After seeing Bill’s talk to the DGD they go out for coffee. On their date Sookie tells Sam he doesn’t think like others. The kiss Sam gives Sookie is sweet. She definitely returns the kiss and likes it.

Sam ruins it by getting all pissed off. He loses his temper pretty quickly.

When being questioned by the police the way Bill says a fresh corpse full of blood, is pretty sexy. It is also disturbing.

In a flashback we learned that Lorena would have killed Bill had he tried to sleep with her. Because he was honorable she turned him. His being a good man kept him from being killed, but turned him into her companion. She tells him that her family is as good as dead; she is not very nice about it. Bill reluctantly goes with her.

Tara catches Jason screwing Randi Sue by the dumpster, and he says join us. She dumps trash all over them, and Jason picks it up and rubs her with it. Stupid Stackhouse.

Sookie has taken a cab because she is mad at Sam when she comes home she finds her Gran has been brutally murdered.
Someone grabs her, and the show goes off! Cliffhanger with a nail biting end…

Funny Moments and Quotes

Sookie says Bill is listening to Chinese Throat Gargling, he says its Tuban Throat Singing. It sounded like frogs to me.
When Tara burst into Lafayettes and throws things at him he bats them away.

When Sookie tries to hear what Tara is thinking she is going, “LALALALALALALALA” The look on her face is great!
Maxine trying to get Hoyt to remove the cross so Bill does not, “fry up like fat back bacon.”

Adele saying, same to you, bye now, when the lady is telling her she is going to hell.

I love Adele!!

The three rednecks crushing garlic with a press

Terry hugging Bill, and saying Stay sharp brother is priceless

When Sookie says you remember Sam
Bill says, “You’re Sookie’s employer”
Sam: “Not when we’re off duty.
Bill: “No legally you still are.”
Awkward and Awesome

Coffee, that sounds delightful. In response to Sam and Sookie’s date

Hoyt trying to dance with Randy Sue, then he says keeping it real.

Jason high on V tells Tara that she is the one, and he sees her pouring water into a creek in a toga as she is pouring a beer.


In the book Sookie says, “I will not be calling you again.”
In the show Bill says, “I won’t call on you again.”

When Maxine is with Bill in the church she is over the moon, but she later disowns Hoyt for dating Jessica later

Episode 6 – Cold Ground

What’s happening?

Bill pulls Sookie to her feet after she finds her Gran. He must have sensed her terror.

When Sam walks in and he grabs his throat it is funny and scary.

After the police come Sookie asks Sam what happened to Bill. He sucks up his pride and tells Sookie he will go get Bill.

Bill tells him it is not the time to mark his territory, after Sam tells him to stay away from her.

There is a funeral and Sookie tells the whole town to Shut the F*ck Up because she can hear what they are thinking.

Tara takes Sam back to her hotel where they get it on for the second time. He tells her if we do this then we really did this.

After the funeral Sookie runs to Bill, she is done doing the opposite of what her body wants. It is time for her to finally listen to her body and what she is feeling. She lets him bite her. Sexy or Scary?


Sookie figures out in the book that she was the intended victim, Bill says this to the police on the show.

Arlene says you really are smarter than anyone gives you credit for. In the book it is Maxine that says so.

Deep Thoughts

Tara says we need a little girl time, come on Lafayette! Love That!

What was in Randy Sue’s house, there was stuff laying everywhere that looked crazy. Maybe I will go back and pause it.

It is ironic that Rene has to tell Jason what happened to his Gran.

Bill has a bad dream that someone is getting Sookie and he cannot get up. I could not tell if he was dreaming or she was. Can they dream during the day?

Bill tells Sam this is not the time to mark his territory,I think this is a dig at him being a dog. They never say that Bill knows, but I bet he does.He just stands outside with his True Blood and the dog comes up beside him to watch too.

Again, I think he knows that it is Sam.

I cannot figure out why Jason’s DTs are worse than anyone’s. I am assuming that it is because he drank the whole vial before.


Episode 7 – Burning House of Love

What’s Happening?

She is numb from losing her Gran so she has run to seal the deal with Bill. (I know that all rhymes)

Bill tells her that they started most of the vampire myths about themselves. She asks how he can be seen in the mirror. Bill shows Sookie his resting spot. A big deal for vampires. Jason is in the house stealing the silver. He has turned hard core quickly. He goes to Fangtasia looking for V where he meets Pam. Pam glamours Jason and he tells her why he is there, I am here for vampire blood, what time do you get off? She then she says you are hear for my blood, you’re right, you are nothing like your sister. Arlene tells Rene that Sookie has been with the vampire and seals her fate. When Bill does not come home she thinks that he is still with the vampires at their house. The ending is the hillbillies setting the place on fire. Terry and Andy are fishing and they see Sam running through the woods completely naked. Bill takes care of Sookie’s uncle, and this shows his dark side a bit.The three vampires come into Merlottes. Sam and Terry try to fight them. Sam almost gets hurt and Bill stops it. They talk Bill into leaving with them. Sookie finds out that they are going to burn the house they are in and she is terrified Bill is with them. It ends with the fire, and lots of screaming

Funny Moments and Quotes

Tara tells Sam – Maybe I am unboyfriendable. She made up a word

There may be snow on the mountain but there is fire in the valley. Lettie May hitting on the bank manager Ha!

Lafayette dancing for his own web cam is still funny. Yall m*fers are going to have to be patient.

Jason says I will show my wiener on your website for V.

Arlene says – What if she gets pregnant, how is she going to nurse a baby with fangs?

Pam and Jason together are so funny.

Pam : Your mama know you are out in the big city?
Jason: My mama is dead
Pam: so am I

I just love Pam.

Lafayette calls Sookie a skank after she walks away when she says she crossed the line with Bill and she is glad she did

Deep Thoughts

Eric is on his cell phone on his “throne” when a girl asks if she can take a picture. He appears to be texting.


Terry says Jihad this M*f*ers. I think he had a flashback when the vamps came in.

The way Bill says I am Vampire is funny

How stupid is Jason asking the Vampire bartender for V. I think Jason would not have been with Amy if he was not looking for drugs. He only ends up with Amy because of the V. He would not be messing with a hippy like her.

Funny Jason line – Pluto can start being a planet again.

Terry – Yep I done that before (when he sees Sam running)


Episode 8 – The Fourth Man in the Fire

Sookie runs to the house that was burned and thinks Bill must be there. She cleans all day to try and keep it off of her mind. She goes out into the graveyard and he grabs her from beneath the earth. She thought he was dead, and immediately screwed him in the dirt. That scene was disturbing. Poor Sookie dreams Bill catches on fire. Amy gets in Jason’s truck and says I need V. She is the instigator.

He can read her though so he knows what she wants. Sam and Tara hook up for the third time. She freaks out and runs away again.

Amy talks Jason into stalking Lafayette to find his source, and Tara goes back into the woods to visits the lady that healed her mother. Eric is waiting for Bill in his house and tells him that he needs a favor. She goes to Fangtasia to listen in on Eric’s employees to see which one is stealing from him. She points out that it is a vampire and is immediately attacked by the vampire.

Funny lines

Terry makes a necklace out of a Possum penis, and Sam tells him let’s keep this between us. Girls might get the wrong idea.

Arlene: I think we may have found a replacement for Dawn.
Sookie to Jason: Looks like you did to.

Jason tells Amy, Jesus Christ I want to lick your mind. After she talks some dribel about the bar being like a natural history museum

Tara: Going to church and wearing a crazy ass hat is not going to make you any better.

Just like my Aunt Fern except she is intolerant of Mexicans. (Arlene’s kid after Bill says he is lactose intolerant)

Deep Thoughts

It is so sweet how Rene asks her to marry him, it is too bad he is a shit head.

Eric taking a bath in his tub with candles and listening to old Swedish music, nice and funny

Why did he decide to take a bath while waiting for Bill?

Eric says: Honestly did you think you could keep her to herself? Drama

Amy says stalking Lafayette is the most natural thing in the world, the hunt. She is a psycho, and I really do not like her, just saying.

Eddie is just lonely. He bought him some Merlot because he said he remembered Lafayette said “I go for merlot. Lafayette says I said I work at Merlottes, but whatever.

I like eternal flame playing in the background while he is messing around with Eddie.

Tara is dumb for going back to that crazy woman. She should not seek out more trouble

Psycho bitch steals the whole vampire. Amy is a mean and crazy person.

Long shadow jumps up to get her throat, which obviously shows who did it. Why would he not just act coy and pretend that he does not know what Sookie is talking about. Cliff hanger again…

Episode 9 – Plaisir D’ Amour

What’s Happening?

When the show opens LongShadow is strangling Sookie, and Bill kills him. He tells Bill to pay him back for what had transpired that he will take the girl. Bill says NO. Eric say, you love her, admit it. After Amy has Jason help her take poor Eddie, he begins to see that she is crazy. He tells her not to look up and she does anyway seeing her cat is dead. Bill gets a visit from Eric telling him that he has to go to tribunal. Bill tells Sam -I know how you feel about her and I don’t like it, but you are the only one who can look out for her. Eric tells the people in the bar that they know when someone has wronged them, they can smell it.  Sookie sees Tara and Sam together, and it is hard to tell if it is jealousy or what, but he comes out buttoning his pants, and realizes she is gone. A dog appears at Bill’s where Sookie is and she invites him in. The dog is so funny he looks away when she takes off her pants to get in bed, and then she tells him to get in the bed.

Jason likes the vampire and brings him True Blood. Sookie wakes up and says Dean (the dog) you are on my feet, and it is Sam naked in the bed! Awesome!

 Funny Moments and Quotes

Ginger screams then throws up.
Eric says, “Humans, honestly Bill I don’t know what you see in them.”

Ginger says she is done with you people while she is trying to clean up Long Shadow’s remains. Eric tells Pam to glamor or turn her.
Pam says I am not that desperate.

Jason’s awesome line – “I should have known better when you walked into my life with that big bag of crazy a woman carrying a bag that big is carrying something I don’t want to know about.”

Pam is staring at Sookie, and she gets the vampire out of her cleavage.
Pam – I am beginning to understand the fuss everyone is making over you.

Deep Thoughts

Sookie looks cute in the Fangtasia get up when Bill takes her home.

Amy and Jason screwing in front of the vampire is ridiculous. So is the swimming in the sky.

Amy tells Jason, I have a plan, and it’s that everything will work out because it has to. She is an idiot.

Sam brings Tara flowers which causes Lettie May to start screaming that he wants sex. Tara kicks him away.

Sad Sam

Bill playing golf on Wii is pretty funny

Chow replaced Long Shadow and gets under Bill’s skin with his better score on golf

Bill – I liked Long Shadow better

Eric and Pam in Merlottes is hilarious

Pam is passing out discount cards and Eric is as well, so he is always the business man.

When Bill and Sookie kiss good bye…
Pam: If I had any feelings I’d have the chills right now
Eric: Not me.

Episode 10 – I Dont Wanna Know

What’s Happening?

Sookie hits Sam and runs into the bathroom, because she thinks he is the killer.

He turns from a dog and tells her he is a shape shifter, and she says shut the f*ck up! Funny Sookie.

Amy in the meantime is still being a crazy bitch she freaks out when she finds the blood and she tells Eddie that being a vegan makes her moral. She hurts him when she beats a clot out of his arm. Amy tricks poor Jason and says they will keep Eddie like a pet. Tara gets the exorcism and gets sick. She is so convincing. Eddie tries to tell him.Eric does keep Bill from getting chained in a coffin for 5 years by saying that he obeys him when it matters. This shows that Eric has some respect or something for Bill.Poor Little Sam came home from school and his adopted parents had moved out of the house. This flashback and the one where he cannot stop the change are heart wrenching. Bill is sentenced to make a vampire and they present him with a scared girl out of a trunk.

Deep Thoughts

Eddie never did anything to her. I dislike Amy a lot. I am sure it is the V, but grrrrr….

When Tara is having her exorcism if she hallucinated killing the little girl where did the blood on the knife come from?

The fact that the young shifters turn into puppies is priceless.

When the killer gets after Sookie inside the bar (at his own party) she gets away from him by kicking him, shouldn’t the killer have a mark on his face?

Mary Anne standing in the road naked is creepy.

He should have let Eddie go without Amy there, and she would not have been able to kill him. Amy killing Eddie nailed her as a bitch for me, boo!

Bill wanted to glamour Jessica but the magistrate would not let him. He had to turn her and she knew what was happening the whole time.


Episode 11 – To Love is to Bury

What’s Happening?

Bill has to get in the ground with his newborn vampire and Pam tucks them in to make sure she is not staked. Amy says he was controlling your mind, and he said Eddie did not know how to do that yet. He is very mad at her for killing Eddie. Jason says we are done with this shit, get rid of the V. Sam and Sookie investigate what she saw in the killer’s head and spend the day together. They had a moment of tension between them sitting on the couch. Sookie kisses Sam again and leads one to believe she doesn’t know what she wants.


Bill and Sam fight. Then she kicks Bill out, and yells at Sam.

Amy is strangled while Jason sleeps and he turns himself in. Jason knows he did not kill anybody, how dumb to confess.

Deep Thoughts

Why is Pam looking down Jessica’s shirt and up her dress, too funny? She tells Bill that he is a maker, a hero!

Poor Jason running around like that, he looks so dumb gallivanting in his tighty whities.

I am assuming he kills her because Jason tells him they met at the Vampire bar. It is never clear why Amy is killed.

I think that Mary Anne bails her out because she is attracted to the booze. Sam owns a bar, and she is after him too.
Because of her God Dionysus.

I have never been more proud of him of Jason for standing up to Amy. I think Amy really does love him and the V makes her crazy but I still do not like her. She should not want to do it one last time. Jason also should not do it again. She is a bad influence.

Funny Quotes

My Daddy is going to whoop you good; you better get me home mister.
You are the worst maker ever, you suck. That’s funny because you do suck.


Episode 12 – You’ll be the Death of Me

What’s Happening?

Jason is in jail and gives Rene his truck. Rene says they were fang bangers they deserved it. Sookie rushes in to see her brother and tells him she is close to finding the real one, and he is standing right behind her. She knows the name is Drew Marshall, but she does not know who he is. Meanwhile Rosie covers up the fax that comes in and shows it is Rene.

Fellowship of the Sun visits Jason in jail and wants to offer him a spot. They think that he killed four women and still want him to come to the church. Tara says she feels like Mary Anne’s place is, Satan in a Sunday Hat. She is talking to Eggs who she has just met. Rene offers to give Sookie a ride home; it shows that he pulled the wires in her car. He says he will take her home and stay with her. She should have her guard up.  Arlene sees the video of Maudette and the vampire and also finds the Cajun for actors tape. She catches her kids with them. Sam smells the vest Rene left behind and figures it out. Rene is pissed and says he can feel her in his head. Sookie is running and he is chasing her. Bill senses that she is in danger and comes out into the sun. Rene’s accent is gone in his thoughts and then when he yells at her it is gone too. Rene almost kills her, and he knocks the dog out causing Sam to turn into a person. This whole scene is surreal.  Sookie wakes up and kills him by stabbing the shovel through his neck. Sam and Sookie realize Bill is outside burning. Sam buries a mostly burned Bill in the ground, she is worried. In the mean time Lafayette gets attacked by an unknown assailant. Then Bill shows up at her door and all is forgiven. Mary Anne picks up Tara and Sam knows her, asks what the hell she is doing there. She responds, “Did you think I wasn’t going to find you, you silly dog.”

They are at the bar watching tv two weeks later. Vampire marriages are legal they show a vampire bride walking with her groom and her fangs are out. Arlene says now you and Bill can get married. Sam shows his distaste. Lafayette has gone missing, and they do not seem concerned. Sookie and Tara try to convince Andy not to drive. They start screaming when he opens his door. A foot  with painted toe nails is hanging out the back of Andy’s car.

Funny Moments and Quotes

Sookie does not cuss when she is yelling at her car. She says fudge, and lots of other sort of bad words.

When Arlene first sees Sookie she just holds flowers out to her crying. (Poor Arlene)

Terry to Arlene – your hair is like a sunset after a bomb went off, pretty.

Jason kills me with the hallelujah in the church and kissing the guys head. He is off and running again.

When Eric and Pam bring back Jessica to Bill he says – She’s yours, unless you want to give me Sookie. The show teeth and Pam rolls her eyes.
As they leave Eric says “Oh du ljuva frihet” which means “sweet freedom”
Pam laughs

 Deep Thoughts

Arlene should have been more worried about her kid’s psyches after watching the vampire movie.

Bill goes out into the sun to help Sookie and that is just crazy. I know he wants to help but he can’t.

I am wondering if he helps anyway because she opens her eyes when he says Sookie. Does Bill wake her up?

A great season comes to a close with more unanswered questions.

How will Sookie feel about Jessica?
Who is in the back of Andy’s car?
Where is Lafayette?
Who the hell is Mary Anne, and how does she know Sam?

Tune in for Season 2, and of course read my following of it!